Manistique Iron Company/Weston Furnace Company 1887

Charcoal Iron Company of America

Charcoal Iron Company of America

Abijah Weston formed the Manistique Iron Company in 1887 and the Weston Furnace Company in 1890. These industries were located at the North end of Furnace Street, now North Cedar Street. Charcoal was made in bee-hive type buildings and then used in in the furnaces to melt iron ore pellets and make pig iron, which was shipped throughout the United States. The Burrell Chemical Company bought the companies (pictured) creating the Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Company. By 1913, the Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Company was foreclosed upon due to a soft iron market. In 1915, a new company was formed by American, Canadian, and British interests called the Charcoal Iron Company of America. The Company remained in business until 1923 when the business declared bankruptcy. Read More...

City Council Passes Resolution To Bond For Water And Sewer

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In 1905, Manistique City Council passed a resolution to bond for water and sewer. A 16-inch wooden pipe was run from Brewery Dam on the Indian River to Weston Avenue. The below picture is from November 1905 on Cedar street, showing the blasting involved to install sewer and water lines.

Originally the water supply for Manistique was from artisan wells drilled at different points within the city.

The above picture shows how wells were drilled. Water had to be hauled from the artisan wells to the homes for cooking, drinking, and washing. Several draymen hauled water to residents, hotels, and businesses. Mondays, being wash days, kept the draymen very busy. Read More...