WWI Memorial Dedication – Aug. 13, 1922

The World War Memorial at its present location on the courthouse grounds

          The dedication of the World War I soldiers’ memorial took place on Sunday, August 13, 1922. The memorial stone replaced a temporary monument which had been erected at the intersection of Elk and River Streets in 1919.

          The granite obelisk was ordered from New Hampshire at a cost of $2000, with $1000 being appropriated by the county and $750 being donated by the city of Manistique. The remaining $250 was raised by the Manistique Women’s Club through small donations given by local citizens. Read More...

WWI Remembrance – Henry Davis

Certificate in Memory of Henry Davis signed by General John Pershing

Henry Davis was born in Manistique on January 8, 1900. He attended school here and was always very fond of history. Prior to his enlistment, he was employed with the Soo Line Railroad in the baggage department. He joined the army in April of 1917 at age 17, having received special consent from his parents. Davis was one of the volunteers who left Manistique on May 6, 1917, having joined the 33rd Michigan Infantry, a National Guard unit. This unit was later federalized and become part of the 125th Infantry. Davis arrived overseas in February of 1918 and was initially placed with the Railway Transportation Office. When he last wrote to his parents, he stated that the 125th would “soon be going into the thick of the fighting” and that maybe some of the boys would be hurt but they would “put the Germans of the run.” Henry Davis was killed in action in France on July 31, 1918. Read More...

America’s Entry into World War I – April 1917

World War I veterans Scott Creighton (left ) and Alex Creighton (right)

World War I veterans Scott Creighton (left ) and Alex Creighton (right)

           April, 2017, marks the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I. Many of Schoolcraft County’s young men answered their country’s call to defend freedom abroad, and 27 of them made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of France. The Schoolcraft County Historical Society would like to honor the memory of those soldiers who served in the Great War, and especially those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, through a public display of their photos and biographical information. We are asking the public for their assistance in obtaining photos of the World War I soldiers from Schoolcraft County who lost their lives in the “war to end all wars.” We would also welcome photos of others who served. If you have a photo, letters or newspaper clippings concerning these soldiers, please contact the historical society by using the Contact Us tab at the top of this page, or write us at P.O. Box 284, Manistique. We would like to scan copies of those photos so they could be included in the exhibit. Read More...