Currans Buy Ossa Hotel – Escanaba Daily Press March 21, 1959


Manistique – The Ossawinamakee Hotel in Manistique, regarded at the plushest in the area following its construction in 1883 has been sold by Carl Graves to Curran Chevrolet Sales here.

The hotel purchase was concluded Friday night by Graves and the three members of the Curran Partnership, Ellsworth, Leon and Donald Curran.   Plans for use of the building are indefinite.  Graves had owned the 42 -room wood structure the past nine years.  It houses a bar, restaurant and a Western Union office in addition to the hotel facilities.


Manistique’s “Big Fire”

The fire on Friday, September 15th, 1893, was called Manistique’s “Big Fire”. The Fire began on South Walnut Street and spread to both sides of Cedar Street. Since all the buildings except one on Cedar Street were wood, the devastation was extensive. The fire on the West Side of Cedar Street stopped only because Blumrosen’s store was brick. Due to the wind and power of the fire, the volunteer fire department fought if for five hours, trying to stop it from consuming the residential district. Had it not been for an evening rain, the entire town would been ashes. Losses from the fire were around $75,000 (several millions in today’s dollars). As a result of this fire, the city passed an ordinance saying all buildings in the downtown area were to be brick buildings.