City Council Passes Resolution To Bond For Water And Sewer

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In 1905, Manistique City Council passed a resolution to bond for water and sewer. A 16-inch wooden pipe was run from Brewery Dam on the Indian River to Weston Avenue. The below picture is from November 1905 on Cedar street, showing the blasting involved to install sewer and water lines.

Originally the water supply for Manistique was from artisan wells drilled at different points within the city.

The above picture shows how wells were drilled. Water had to be hauled from the artisan wells to the homes for cooking, drinking, and washing. Several draymen hauled water to residents, hotels, and businesses. Mondays, being wash days, kept the draymen very busy. Read More...

The Flood Of 1920-Palm Sunday (March 28th, 1920) Manistique, MI-

The Flood Of 1920-Palm Sunday (March 28th, 1920) Manistique, MI-The most catastrophic event to occur in Manistique other than the fire of 1883 was the flood of 1920. Floodwaters began pouring over the flume walls in the early morning of Palm Sunday, March 28, 1920. The immediate cause of the flood was an ice jam on the Driggs River that backed the river up. When the jam broke, the water and logs in the river rushed into the Manistique River. Since the winter had an exceptional snowfall along with warmer than normal temperatures and several days of rain, the rivers draining into the Manistique River were already swollen. With the torrent of water, a west bank wall broke, causing water to rush over the flume walls and into the west side of Manistique all the way down Deer Street and Chippewa Avenue. Read More...

Hiawatha, Michigan Post Mark (May 23, 1912)

Hiawatha, Michigan-Actual Post Mark (May 23, 1912)

Hiawatha, Michigan-Actual Post Mark (May 23, 1912)

The Hiawatha Post Office was active from 1897 to 1941. It was located 11 miles north of Manistique on the Manistique and Northwestern Railroad. Civil War veteran Francis G. Dodge was the postmaster in 1905. Frank Hutt was serving as postmaster in 1915 and Hiawatha’s final postmaster was Ezra Aldrich. The post office closed permanently on January 31, 1941.