Hotel Ossawinamkee-Manistique, MI 1883-1960


The ownership of the Hotel Ossawinamkee began with the Chicago Lumber Company. In 1915, the Consolidated Lumber Company sold the hotel to Lewis Mallette who ran it for many years. The hotel was in business from 1883 through the 1950’s, except during World War II, and was torn down in 1960. During it’s glory years, many famous individuals stayed at the hotel including Henry Ford and his friends.

Happy Birthday MICHIGAN! Michigan became the 26th. state on January 26, 1837.

176 years ago today, January 26th, the beautiful and lush land that overseas the Great Lakes joined the United States.

In 1837, Michigan became the 26th state in the nation when President Andrew Jackson signed it into statehood. The move followed a skirmish between Michigan and bordering Ohio that ended in a truce, giving Ohio the Toledo strip and Michigan the Upper Peninsula.

Ever since, Michiganders have been proud to call their state home, often referring to it as the ‘Mitten,’ ‘America’s High-Five,’ ‘The Wolverine State ‘and the ‘Great Lakes State.’ Read More...